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Competition Rules & Additional Info

Because we do not want to write too much about rules and general information, and you do not want to read too much about them, we will highlight the three most important points:

  • Starting times and additional information will be sent out to all participants via email after the 30th of May.
  • Be on time, at least 15 minutes before your designated starting time. Do note that the bar opens at 16.00 and you can always join there before you are running.
  • Do not venture off in Atlas, the building is closed except for the stairwell and the Lucid bar area, we do not want trouble with security.

Questions about the event, participation or any other matter can always be sent to traplopen@essvisis.nl.



The EK Traplopen is open for anyone to participate.

The the number of runners is capped at 200. When the maximum capacity is reached, we will close the form and put up an announcement.

Subscription & Payment

The subscription form is open up to and including May 30th. Subscribing is done via this site. Your subscription is final when €5,- is paid. Every participant gets two free consumptions at the borrel. You will receive a confirmation email once your payment is matched to your subscription after which you may find yourself on the participants page, this might take up to 3 days. If this takes longer please contact us.


There will be first aid present at the race. Nevertheless, we take no responsibility for any incidents that happen during or outside of the competition, and remember while running; Safety first! (We know you want to get back to the beer ASAP however; stairs can be very dangerous.)

The Lucid bar will be open during the race, it is every participant's own responsibility to refrain from drinking until they have participated in the race.

Atlas Dwelling

Because the building is closed no participants are allowed outside of the stairwell and bar area. If any person is found trespassing they will immediately be removed from Atlas at the discretion of the event organizers, unfortunately we must be very strict here.


During and after the competition there is a borrel at the Lucid bar. Every participant gets two consumption tickets, and they can buy more drinks if they want. The will be open from 16:00 until 19:00.

Traploop Race

Race Course

The race will be held on the stairs behind the elevators in Atlas (the elevators near the Lucid bar). The start is on floor -1, and the finish is at floor 12. To reduce the number of sprained ankles, the race will only go up the stairs, not down.


Two runners will start at the same time at the two different sides of the stairs. They will start at the command of the jury.


Each participant is expected to stay on their side of the stairs, so as to not hinder other participants. There will roughly be a one minute gap between two subsequent runners on the same stairs hence overtaking is not expected. If this does happen the overtaking runner is expected to use common sense in judging the situation, and the overtaken runner is expected to show sportsmanship.


At the 12th floor of Atlas there are two buttons, one on either side of the stairs, pressing either will stop the time of your run.

Start Number

All participants will have to pick up a start number before the start of their race, this start number must be clearly visible during the race. At the end of the race the participants have to return their start numbers.


There will be a female category and a category for the rest. Obviously, the person with the fastest time will win their category. Even more obvious: the winners will be awarded memorable trophy!


If there is contact between runners or other kinds of unsportsmanlike conduct, the organizers may disqualify the involved parties from the event.


Any incidents that might lead or have led to a disadvantageous or dangerous situation should be communicated to the event organizers and will be taken into consideration. We also have never organized this kind of event, please keep that in mind.