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Wednesday 26 May
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Winter (oktober - maart)
Dinsdag 18:30-19:45 uur
Donderdag 18:30-19:45 uur

Zomer (maart - oktober)
Dinsdag 18:30-20:00 uur

Donderdag 18:30-20:30 uur

Becoming a member

If you want to become a member, please contact the board at bestuur@essvisis.nl

If you just want to try it once then you can join us on a training on a Tuesday or Thursday. If you contact the board we will arrange that for you. Even if you don't have ice skates, we can help you! Let us know what size you have and maybe you can borrow a pair of ours.

Are you convinced to become a member, download the necessary forms and fill them in:

Isis terms and conditions (Dutch)
English subscription form

Summer membership

Do you only want to participate in summer training sessions or will you become a member after the last ice training? Become a summer member. With a summer membership you become a full member (ie you can also participate in all activities besides training). A summer membership costs half of the regular membership fee.
To become a summer member, you must fill in the following registration form.

A summer membership automatically transfers to a regular membership after 1 September. Do you only want to participate in summer training sessions, and do not want to skate in the new season? Then unsubscribe for the coming season when your register.


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