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Wednesday 26 May
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Winter (oktober - maart)
Dinsdag 18:30-19:45 uur
Donderdag 18:30-19:45 uur

Zomer (maart - oktober)
Dinsdag 18:30-20:00 uur

Donderdag 18:30-20:30 uur

Training during winter

Ice scating

Isis members train on Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6:30 to 7:45 PM. At the entrance to the ice rink, you always have to show the regional track pass that you receive with your membership.

You can enter the ice sport center half an hour before the training to change clothes and start your warm-up. Collected together is, of course, the most fun, so you can chat while chatting with other Isisians, something that is more difficult during skating (but not much less is done). Then you put on your skates, you ride a bit and the training starts.

Training is organized in the same groups on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Look for the precise format for Trainers & Groups

Layout of the track during training

During the training, the fast riders are completely on the inside (left side) of the track. When the tempo comes to a lower level, you also increasingly come to the outside (right side) of the track. If someone wants to pass by or you want to pass someone do that on the left. If you do not have a backup opportunity to the left, call 'hooooog!!!' and then you get the desired free passage. Of course, this also applies the other way round, always be on the side if you hear someone calling this behind you, the person has the right to go along and that's how you prevent accidents.

Traffic (behavior) rules

In group discussions, it is the intention that everyone will stand next to each other on the outside of the track and only along the straight part of the track. The trainer looks at the outside of the track.

To remember

- Inserting to start with the training work always happens after the turn and only if no riders want to pass from behind (so always look back when you leave!).
- Execute after the training work must be done at the beginning of the turn.
- Starting exercises only at the start line and finish line of the 1000m.
- Duration is on the inside of the track.
- Perform the training work in groups of up to six people. Do not start with a larger number of people at, for example, a steigerung.


Isis has certain objectives for all training groups. More about this can be found under goals.

Sharpening skates

Remember that you regularly sharpen your skates. That way they stay sharp and that skates a lot easier. In addition, we recommend having your skates rounded at least once a year, ask for it at the material committee or the board.

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