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Wednesday 26 May
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Isis has made significant progress in its training policy in recent years. This is how the club has grown, many more people are racing, many people have become active in (not skating relevant) Isis business, and so on. To support this, i.s.m. the trainers continuously worked on the skating policy plan. It has been incorporated that there are four to five trainer groups, each working at their own level, while maintaining the connection with other groups.

Isis is a skating association by and for students with skaters of different levels, therefore four to five different groups work; A, B, C, D and possibly another E group. The following objectives apply to the various groups:

- E en D-group: The teaching of various techniques to achieve a movement that in principle resembles the skating movement in general, without necessarily applying this in a competition. Standing right on the skates is a requirement.
- C en B-group: Improving the various technical and conditional aspects to arrive at a reasonable technique. Which is a condition for regular driving of races and optimal skating pleasure.
- A-group: Further improvement of both fitness and technique, coupled with a better mental resistance to achieve optimal results at competitions.

How do we achieve the different objectives? This is different per group because you have to create conditions per group to achieve the objectives.

E en D-group:
- Many balance exercises to learn how to slide and to find the balance that is a condition for skating (both one and two legged);
- Many sliding exercises;
- A lot of pushing exercises;
- Learning to sit deep (every workout again, because it is so difficult);
- Practice a lot with the different techniques at very low speed (strength, agility, coordination and balance);
- Teaching the bend technique, both with pairs and alone;
- For the fast pupils it is still possible to start learning the start.

The requirement is:
- stand straight on the skates.

C en B-group:
- Practice all exercises as given in the D-group from time to time to create an optimal sliding ability;
- Teaching or. improve turn technique;
- Teaching or. improve the start;
- Give conditional aspects more attention;
- Possible differentiation in sprint and all-round;
- Providing training schedules for interested parties;
- Improving the skate seat;
- Learning or. improve the driving of competitions;
- Learning to deal with match tension;
- Learning to deal with your own mistakes (relativate)
- Sharpening leather skating;
- Learning to deal with the competition (grinding, running, rest, etc.).

The requirement is:
a. stand straight on the skates;
b. tend towards the lateral outlet;
c. occasionally place skates straight forward;
d. improved condition;
e. the reasonable control of the bend;
f. can start reasonably well.

- More work on the condition;
- Improve the skating movement in general;
- Learning tactical elements;
- Increase mental resilience;
- Increase the base speed;
- Everyone can optimally prepare for a competition;
- Good learning to put into perspective;
- Learn how to execute training schedules;
- Occasionally refer back to balance exercises;
- learn to use work / rest ratio.

The requirement is:
a. mastery of a modal skating technique;
b. dealing well with a competition;
c. like to race competitions;
d. good condition;
e. being critical of yourself.

A stimulant is a training camp abroad, because it is possible to give training that is not possible in the Netherlands (eg speed training). Furthermore, you have much more time for everyone, so that the experience becomes more intensive. Summer training camps are also a good way to learn all this. A trainer should be encouraged to promote this type of activity. It is also good for the social contacts, which are very important to the average student!

This policy plan is a summary representation of all that needs to be done, but it should only serve as a guide and not as a training course. The trainer determines his or her own practice material, but must use the policy plan / red thread in order to achieve an optimal transition within the various groups.

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