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Saturday 23 Oct
Regio-Marathon 2
Sunday 24 Oct
Trainingswedstrijd 1
Sunday 31 Oct
Trainingswedstrijd 2
Saturday 13 Nov
First Races (Nijmegen) - N.S.S.S.V. Lacustris
Friday 19 Nov
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Winter (oktober - maart)
Dinsdag 18:30-19:45 uur
Donderdag 18:30-19:45 uur

Zomer (maart - oktober)
Dinsdag 18:30-20:00 uur

Donderdag 18:30-20:30 uur

Training camps

In order to keep you fit throughout the season, Isis organizes three camps a year. The first camp is the introduction camp, where the new members and active members of isis get to know each other. The main goal during this camp is fun, although of course there is skating. In addition, there are 2 camps that are aimed at savage training work. These are the cycling camp, which usually takes place in the Belgian Ardennes, and the training camp to a fast ice rink (Collalbo, Inzell) or an ice rink close to a beautiful city with vibrant nightlife (Zakopane, Budapest). 


The introduction camp is organized by the AK in collaboration with the Introcommissie. It is a camp where there is always a lot of fun, crazy activities and dutch 'gezelligheid'. For example, we went to Heerenveen before, which resulted in a real fierljept tournament and talks with the local farmers in their favorite bar. We also went to Enschede later with old Dutch games such as gingerbread and nailpee and delicious French toast. It is still a surprise what the committee has planned for us this year!

More information about the cycling and training camp can be found under the headers of Cycling camp en Training Camp.

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